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GrabShooter iOS Game
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Grabshooter apple itunes

GrabShooter 1.3 is an iPhone / iPAD 2D space shooter game.

Take time to learn how to play with the tutorial and
try to survive through a hard gameplay for fun
or scoring objectives.

Shoot, fetch bonus to increase your weapon and
grab enemies with a special devastating weapon.

An attractive game in wich only
the best ones have a chance to survive.

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For fans of 'old School' games, followers of scoring GrabShooter offers players a gaming experience quite nervous:
In this vertical scrolling iPhone/iPad spaceship game, enemy out of a planet in background, coming face before rushing straight at you at different speeds.
The goal is not to let an enemie go down. It is possible to hide, at least for a time, but the score will be depleted and the risk of ending up with a too excessive amount of enemies on the screen to have a chance to survice.

You will understand: in GrabShooter, the only defense is attack.

The winning techniques:

Shooting everywhere is not enough to take over as soon as possible to get five stars:
Some enemies will drop after exploded valuable weapons that allow you to quickly clean the space above your cockpit.
The best way to keep alive is to keep your crosshair target as long as you have not finished it.
Yarn needles, one of them will eventually drop the following items and you can enjoy its benefits for you closer to the end of a level:

A bomb:

Easily recognizable, this blue and white object is always appreciated when it arrives.
Expect the best time to catch: it is touching all vessels present on the screen will be disintegrated.

A rapid shoot (R):

The rapid shoot, once obtained, you can take more bullets per second. Its duration is limited in time.
Once caught, it is advisable not to stop shooting to make the most.
After a few seconds, the firing rate decreases again and shooting return from yellow to green.
This weapon is very useful for eliminating red Enemy quickly.

A power shoot (P):

The power shoot him is much more powerful than your basic green gun.
Unlike the rapid shoot the balls are numbered.
It may be smart, as appropriate, to save bullets and shoot accurately to eliminate more enemies without stray bullets.
Combined with Rapid shoot, then shoot power is devastating:
Speed fire from left to right: nothing can stop you.

A 'Grab' (G):

In the center of your enemies radar are your number of remaining grabs in your spaceship. It is always good to keep aside.
Press 'Grab' will allow you either to eliminate a whole bunch of ships lined or prevent a bomb in extremis, or to catch an object that soon arrive like a bomb, for example.

Red enemis tend to shoot either bullets or bombs. Your shield will not last long if you do not give half your attention to avoid these projectiles and explosions:
Sometimes it is better to let a bonus rather than catch it by being hit by the enemy.

To summarize:

Avoid falling balls, flee from the bombs but the rest of the time attack, are seeking perm of bonus items.
Each bonus, eliminate possible opponents and reach the last level.
Your courage and your result will be a risk-taking score materializing your spacial combat.

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